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: Teri Clark, a published author in her own right, can gather the information, organize it to fit its purpose, and customize the writing to meet your individual needs at any stage in the writing process. The writing that you just haven't had time to do can now finally become an accomplished goal.

GIVE YOUR IDEAS AUTHORITATIVE STATUS: Many clients have great ideas for books and need RESEARCH to validate and illustrate these ideas and convert them into a rough draft or even a finished publication. One of the top motivations of our clients is to enhance their reputation in their fields. We make sure your material is up to date and reflects the latest trends.

COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY: Thousands of authors use some form of GHOSTWRITING services to get their book out of their heads and into distribution and must count on someone who will never be known. The professional writer assisting you must understand you and your needs so readers identify with YOU. This requires clear and concise prose that meets your needs and specs by writing to suit your style and your unique voice.

EDITING: Writing a publishable book or presenting a key business proposal requires an ability to envision the entire text and give it a sensible, readable structure. This expertise is available to review the structure of publications, rewrite awkward sentences, and correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that are often missed by software.

PRESENTATION AND MARKETING: The explosive growth of e-commerce , the growing acceptance of e-books, and the ease of “publishing on demand” have made the Internet the world's largest bookstore. We write “sales letters” and/or design websites for the marketing of books online, even for clients for which we do no other work.

Why should you choose me?

I have been ghostwriting since 2000 and have helped literally hundreds of people gain credibility in their field. Contact me for more information by clicking on the link to your left.